Eastern Personnel Services


Flyer (8.5 X 11in)

Marketing Material

Department Logo

Marketing Postcard (6 X 4.25in)

Computer Monitor Png

Social Media

Website Re-Design



Nike is an advertisement system for a company of choice (Nike) for a hypothetical event where this company would have a kiosk or a booth. This system includes a print banner, an animated banner, and a brochure.

Digital Animated Banner

Shoe Conveyor Belt

Print Banner

Nike Kiosk Brochure

Folds into little Nike shoe box


Fold on

dotted lines

Cut on

solid lines


Street Advertising Horizontal Billboard Mockup



speaker music



R&B Recycled

SAMPLED: R&B Recycled, is a creation of a museum exhibit, hypothetical sponsored by Spotify and held at the Museum of Pop Culture, themed on R&B music that has been sampled and used samples. This project encompasses a pamphlet, 2 promotional banners/billboard designs, 3 promotional posters, a floor plan, an exhibit display design, and 2 interactive kiosks/ elements.

Floor Plan

Exhibit Entrance Display

Curved Down Arrow

Design of



Exhibit Displays

Interactive Elemtents

45 in

26 in

Touch Screen Monitor

Curved Up Arrow

Click the arrow to go to the next or previous song pairs

Black LED tv television screen mockup. Landscape on monitor

Keychain Vending Machine

Vending Items: Clear Acrylic Key Chains

CD Pamphlet

CD Cover Background
Blank CD or DVD disc
CD Cover Background
CD Illustration

Promotional Posters

Three Poster Mockup


Billboard Mockup on the Bus Stop
Billboard Mockup on the Bus Stop



Digital Art/ Design


Design that can be used for a textile or wallpaper. This assignment was used to experiment and learn new skills (making semi-realistic bubbles& flowers) early in matriculation

ATL X Juice Movie Poster

Fall 2019

A movie poster for 1 movie ("ATL") using the composition of another movie's

poster ("Juice").

Spring 2020

Self-Portrait: Color Trios

Spring 2020

A Self-Portrait that is portrayed in 4 color- relationship types: primary, secondary, monochromatic, and



Typographic Self-Portrait

Fall 2021

Self-Portrait portrayed by text (Marianne Williamson's famous fear quote) by adjusting text (in value and size) and space around the text (in value) to illustrate facial features.

Typographic Book Cover

Book Jacket of Cincinnati native author Sharon M. Draper's "Out of My Mind" focuses on producing a front cover design solely from the text.

Fall 2019


Urban Landscape 2

Spring 2021

Digital Black and white perspective landscape photo in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, capturing the sun between a street pole and the attached sign.

Blank art frame mockup with home plant

Urban Landscape 4

Spring 2021

Digital Black and white photo of a landscape in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, capturing a distorted reflection

3D Modeling

3D Kitchen Model

Fall 2020/Spring 2021?

3D Kitchen Model with an island, cabinets, shelves, dinnerware, refrigerator with water/ice dispenser, a small table with cabinet space, and sliding doors (that would lead out to a backyard).

3D Recording Studio Model

Fall 2020/Spring 2021?

3D Recording Studio Model with a drum set, an amp, large speakers, and microphones in the recording area. In the producing section, there is the Digital Audio Workstation with speaker on a stand and a speaker built into the partition wall next to the window, a table, an air hockey table, a pac-man arcade game, and a couch.

Video Editing

“In Time” Movie Trailer

Fall 2020/Spring 2021?

The Movie Trailer for the 2011 film “In Time,” featuring Justine Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried, makes a commentary on the financial class gap by portraying time as currency. I used a monologue important to the turning point in the movie and the main character’s (Timberlake) life and displayed scenes with the aspects of the monologue in fruition. Then, ending the trailer with a cliff hanger.